Kaplan Cycles

Kaplan cycles originated from Connecticut and focuses on providing vintage bikes and you can get every information on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and other options. Kaplan cycles is a top brand and also the best motorcycle dealer which is situated in Rockville. There are multiple brands and thousands of motorcycles are available which you can find from the seller.

We like to have cycles, motorbikes, and other two-wheelers which are really special in accordance with brands and style. Imagine if we are able to source vintage motorcycles, nothing would be better than this kind of option, as vintage items are special and always we look forward to having it in our collections irrespective of anything.

Kaplan Cycles Inventory


Buying Harleys with Kaplan cycles is very simple because they will provide the best and the choice of color you are interested in. You can get motorcycles less than 200 miles kilometer average and that can definitely be bought from the online auction. When you drive this motorcycle it gives you the giant personality and makes people fall for your ride.

CR 500

If you are looking for the vintage model but with modern mechanism get the choices from Kaplan motorcycles new England motorcycle museum. If you wanting to have a race iconic track then this model is absolutely the right fit for you. This is the best choice to have a track on hills and also can experience the spins and rounds buy riding on this vehicle. Many have a dream to own this model yet did not get the opportunity but with Kaplan cycles, your dream becomes true as they sell this model exclusively for the CR 500 lovers.

Grand Prix

Many become champions to own this grand bricks motorcycle as it is the best motorcycle to win the race. This is a premier choice that can be bought for those who are interested in participating in road races and also becomes the best choice to enter into the unique class. Many riders have become successful motorcycle racers by having this kind of vehicle.


Kaplan Cycles


What is Kaplan cycles?
Kaplan cycles is a professional shop situated in Rockville Connecticut. You can make use of this platform to sell any kind of motorcycle and especially if you have vintage collections you will be given the first privilege. Kaplan cycles was started in the year 2014 and became a licensed dealer.

What kind of business kaplan cycles involve with?
Kaplan cycle is an unauthorised retailer who is interested to buy vintage motorcycles sell and also involved in repairing them. They are focused completely on purchasing motorcycles and rebuild it with an on-trend mechanism. If you hold any vintage collections in the motorcycle category you can make use of this platform to sell and never be worried about the condition of your motorcycle.

Will Kaplan cycles team repair the bikes or motorcycles?
Irrespective of any condition your vehicle is in Kaplan motorcycles has a professional team and they are experienced with craftsmanship to restore any vehicle to the modern needs. They are not only experienced in repairing your vehicles but also provide first-class service and you can experience the uncompromised hospitality from the team.

How to know Kaplan cycles selling pattern?
Get to watch their YouTube channel because they would demonstrate the race bikes model and how you can get the best collection of choice in the motorcycle option. Based on the reviews available online you would prefer this vintage collection because this becomes a unique piece and check out videos every day.

Is any auction available?
Kaplan cycles has got one of the latest selling patterns and the retailer goes for auction methodology as people would come to buy the vintage motorcycles for the best rates.